WFL launch new innovations at EMO 2019

Kyal Machines Tools have been representing WFL Millturn Technologies for many years in the UK, Simon Pollard talks to MTDCNC about the new options available like the new iControl, Industry 4.0 software options and the intelligent boring bar system which have been launched at EMO 2019. Simon mentions about the partnership with their customer which is key and many ft he new options from WFL have been lead by the demands of their customers to keep one step ahead of their industry market.

Weiler lathes go bigger at EMO 2019

Simon Pollard (Managing Director of Kyal Machine Tools) explains to MTDCNC about their relationship with Weiler and how a number of their UK clients have helped Weiler create bigger and better options as some clients have needed a larger working area but Weiler have made the V90 to hold the same tight tolerance as their smaller lathes. Kyal’s relationship with the likes of the Oil and Gas sector have helped develop the V90 lathe and this is a perfect example why Kyal Machine Tools is not only supplying new options but also working as a partner rather than just supplying off the shelf lathe.

What makes Weiler lathes the best in the market

MTDCNC speaks to Walter Nirschl at the WFL technology days about the partnership they have and also why Weiler lathes are so good. Walter also explains that they have made some positive improvements like the new control system. The machines are constantly improved by listening to their customers feedback, for example having larger spindles offering larger spindle bores which enable clamping from both sides and the machines are well known for being very rigid and very precise. Weiler machines are sold in the UK by Kyal Machine Tools, so if you are looking for a high end lathe, get in touch.

WFL technologies for the plastics industry

Complex geometries and difficult materials are the typical challenges for the machining of components for plastic machinery. Time-saving programming solutions combined with precise milling, turning and drilling enable highly efficient production of any kind of complex shaft- and chucking parts. WFL offers the possibility of simple parameter programming of screws. These programs can be directly simulated in the programming editor. Even programs for complex screws can be generated efficiently. Thanks to the broad technological spectrum of a MILLTURN and the decades of experience in the plastics industry, customers can achieve ultimate levels of productivity.

Decisive Tooling Solutions by WFL

For the first time, WFL Tooling Solutions presented their innovative tools, which guarantee improved accessibility and an outstanding level of flexibility when used on complex workpiece geometries. Sensor technology is of particular importance in order to ensure optimum protection of the machine, tool and workpiece. Thanks to these tools, the machine is able to identify load peaks and respond to them in real time. WFL is setting new standards in measurement technology too. A profile can be scanned in high resolution with the help of the scanning measuring probe, without the workpiece having to be unclamped from the machine.

WFL provides first-class software solutions

At WFL Millturn Technologies there are also software innovations to behold. CrashGuard Studio is a 3D simulation software that enables users to perform programming on a PC for the preliminary verification of NC programmes. The benefits include the visualisation of all programming steps to detect errors at an early stage, the improved quality of the NC programmes in terms of efficiency and machine safety, and the reduced set-up times on the machine thanks to the preliminary simulation. This provides the machine operator with a finished programme that has already been tested for crashes.

High-tech automation solutions

WFL Millturn Technologies has always been involved in the area of automation. From articulated robots to gantry loaders, all systems that are combined with a MILLTURN bring an element of high-tech and a breath of fresh air into the automation of WFL’s machinery. The acquisition of FRAI Elektromaschinenbau GmbH represents another step towards innovation in complete machining, paving the way for a digital future.

Automated and flexible systems are playing an increasingly significant role in the production of workpieces. Automation solutions are in high demand, particularly for smaller machine series, as the machine times are short and the batch sizes high. Unattended production methods have long been used by automotive manufacturers, the aerospace industry and, above all, mould construction companies to produce equipment for machine tools. Other sectors with less of a focus on automation are nonetheless showing increased interest in this area, above all due to the possibility of introducing unattended night and weekend shifts.

WFL Millturn Technologies works with different automation variants for automated workpiece loading and unloading, depending on each customer’s requirements. The series ranges from bar feeders to gantry loaders through to articulated robots. Peripheral transport and storage systems for workpieces, tools and clamping devices can be combined as desired.

This brings some key advantages for the user, such as continuous productivity with minimal operating effort. Automated machines are also ideally suited to repetitive tasks. However, robots are not only used in large-scale series production; there are also many advantages to automation for small batch sizes, when used in combination with easy-to-program software.

Customer-specific options, such as unloading samples, inscribing, cleaning, measuring blank parts, or even additional processing tasks performed by the robot like deburring, provide optimal conditions for automation.

Symbiosis with FRAI Elektromaschinenbau GmbH

WFL Millturn Technologies and FRAI Elektromaschinenbau GmbH have enjoyed a reliable partnership for some time now, when it comes to implementing automation projects.

With WFL Millturn Technologies having acquired 100% of FRAI Elektromaschinen GmbH in October, their automation expertise will only be enhanced. Individual automation solutions are a significant factor for WFL’s future success. The integration of FRAI therefore represents the perfect addition to WFL’s existing range of production solutions.

Industry robots for M65 MILLTURN

One successful project implementation involved a FRAI robot automation system with a KUKA robot (KR 510), which is suitable for automating a M65/4500 MILLTURN.

Shaft components of various geometries are automatically removed from workpiece pallets and inserted into the CNC machine’s clamping device for machining. The machined parts are then placed on the pallet system.

The jaws have a gripping range of a 75–190 mm workpiece diameter, which covers the diameter for all blank and finished parts in the entire parts range.

Robot cells for M30-G MILLTURN

One of the automation projects in progress at WFL involves a robot cell with transport trolley pick-up/drop-off spaces and gripper exchange system for a M30-G MILLTURN.

An automatic gripper exchange system with two different gripping heads for shaft components is in the pipeline. Two individually-controlled parallel grippers are built next to each other here, so that the components can be picked up in two gripping positions. The parallel grippers feature jaws mounted on a (tool-free) fast adjustment system. The grippers cover all blank and finished part diameters.

Work on the chuck parts is performed according to the double gripper principle, i.e. the two front grippers can be equipped differently (blank/finished part). The intention is to use jaws with plastic inserts for the chuck part gripper to avoid damage being caused to the aluminium part.

A KUKA robot is used for this machine (KR Quantec extra, nominal load capacity 120 kg, nominal working radius 2896 mm).

Innovative and functional

WFL’s product portfolio now offers the ideal combination of highly productive machine and production solutions and integrated automation solutions.

New visitor record at the Technology Meeting 2019

At this year’s technology meeting, WFL Millturn Technologies set a new visitor record. On 4,000 m2 of exhibition space, live cutting on all machine types and the latest automation and software solutions were shown. Fascinating evening events at the Ars Electronica Center Linz and the Stadlerhof Wilhering provided a perfect setting for the trade fair program.

Compared to the Technology Meeting 2017, the number of visitors to this year’s in-house exhibition rose by almost 20 percent – a great result for the machine tool manufacturer in Linz. Most of the guests travelled from Austria, Germany and the neighbouring countries. Chinese, American, Brazilian and Arabian trade fair participants mainly took up wide travel routes.

Above all, the visitors were enthusiastic about the variety of editing options offered by WFL. Customers can rely on the high-quality technical and technological expertise of WFL employees, especially for complex work pieces. Manufacturers from a wide variety of industries travelled from near and far to discuss the optimum technical possibilities for their production tasks at WFL. Especially in the fields of measurement technology, digitization and automation, visitors showed great interest in the future of machining technologies.

A wide range was presented not only during the day, also the evening program had a lot to offer. On Tuesday, under the motto “Tech Night” at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, a guided tour through the museum and an impressive space show in Deep Space were organized. At a dinner on the top floor and pleasant jazz music, the guests could enjoy the view of the Danube and the beautifully lit Linz. The second evening was traditionally celebrated under the title “Austrian Night” in a square courtyard in Wilhering. In addition to an interesting quiz, great winner prizes and atmospheric music, the guests could experience a unique evening with classic Austrian delicacies.

We are already looking forward to the next WFL Technology Meeting 2021!

M80X MILLTURN / 3000mm by WFL Millturn Technologies

At this year’s WFL Technology Meeting, WFL Millturn Technologies was setting a new visitor record. On 4,000 m2 of exhibition space, live cutting on all machine types and the latest automation and software solutions were shown. Applications from the aviation industry, the plastics industry and high-tech mechanical engineering were the primary sectors covered. Highly efficient automation solutions, the latest technologies and practical specialist presentations were also on top of the agenda.