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MITSUI SEIKI High Precision Jig Boring Machine Model J7CN with Ultra-precision accuracy for operations that demand jig boring tolerances. Provided with Integrated circuit logic, closed loop, complete electrical equipment for operation on 3-phases 50/60Hz, 200/220 Volts AC.

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Machine Specifications
Working Range
Table longitudinal travel (X axis) 1530mm (60.25″)
Saddle table transversal travel ( Y axis) 1020mm (40.15″)
Quill vertical travel (Z axis) 300mm (11.81″)
Cross rail vertical travel (W axis) 920mm (36.25″)
Cross rail vertical travel (W axis) with optional ATC 870mm (34.25″)
Distance between columns 1600mm (63″)
Max. distance from table surface to grinding spindle nose 1225mm (48.2″)
Work Table
Work surface 1830 x 1200 mm ( 72 x 72.25″)
Nos. of T slots 10 on 106 mm pitch
Rapid feed 5,080 mm/min. (200 ipm)
Fine feed 0.1 – 2,000 mm/min. (80 ipm)
Permissible load table 2000kg (4,400 lb.)
Spindle Saddle
Rapid feed 5,080 mm/min. (200 ipm)
Fine feed 0.1 – 2,000 mm/min. (80 ipm)
Cross Rail
Speed of cross rail elevating 800 mm/min. (31.5 ipm)
Clamp / unclamp Automatic
Balance 2 Sets Air Cylinders with auto pressure regulators
Quill diameter 125mm – 5″ ,(145mm – 5.7″ at nose)
Rapid feed 3050mm/min (120 ipm)
Cutting feed 0.1 – 2,000 mm/min. (0.004 ~ 80 ipm)
Power required
Electrical Service Required AC 220 Volt , 3 phase, 100 amp (60 Hz) 35 KVA
Air required
Air Service Required 6 kg/cm2 (0.59Mpa) or more (90psi) 300NL/min (11 cfm)
Axis Position Feedback System
Heidenhein Ultra precision glass scale on X,Y, Z axes
Minimum program increment 0.001mm (0.0001″)
Minimum resolution of manual movement (scale shift) 0.0001mm (0.00004″)
MACHINE DIMENSIONS (excludes peripheral equipment)
Length X Width X Height (Max.) 5050 x 3245 x 3110mm (4030mm) 200″ x 128″ x 123″ (159″)
Height from floor to table top 1000 mm (39.”)
Net weight 14,000 kg (30,800 lb.)
Floor Space ( Including peripheral equipment and maintenance area)
Length 7,400mm ( 25′)
Width 5,730mm (19′)
Height 4,980mm (16.5′)
CNC Control
CNC Unit Fanuc 30iM-B

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