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What are the machine tool requirements for productive high precision parts machining? The machine must not only achieve the required part accuracy but must also maintain thermal stability and produce part output productivity for effective cost performance. Machine operators need easy access to the part/fixture in the load/unload station for set up purposes and must be able to access the part in the work envelop to accommodate tool inspection, tolerance deviations and unexpected issues when they occur during part processing. The machine must perform with the new environmental standards demanded by industry.

The HPX63 II horizontal machining center is designed to incorporate these features to highest standard in the industry.

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Machine Specifications
X axis 1000 mm
Y axis 800 mm
Z axis 900 mm
Distance from table surface to spindle center line 150mm ~ 950mm
Distance from table center line to spindle gage line 150mm ~ 1050mm
Pallet size 630mm x 630mm
Table index degree 1° (360 position)
Table index time (90°) 4 sec.
Figure of pallet surface 24-M16 Tap
Max. work dia. X height φ 1050mm x 1050mm
Max. permission of weight 1200kg
Taper ISO 7/24 Taper No. 50
Spindle speed 15 ~ 6.000min-1
Spindle motor power 18.5/15kw (30 min./cont.)
Max. torque (30min.) 600Nm
Spindle shaft dia. φ100mm
Rapid speed (XYZ axis) 32m/min
Cutting feed (Max) (XYZ axis) 32m/min
Setting unit
Min.detective/command unit 0.0001mm
Position transducer
XYZ axis Liner scale
B axis Large hearth coupling
Style 2APC Front turn type
Pallet change time 15 sec.
Tool storage capacity 60 storage
Max. tool length 500mm
Max. tool dia. (With adjacent tools) φ125mm
Max. tool dia. (Without adjacent tools) φ265mm (Full circle)
Max. tool weight 25kg
Tool change time (Chip to chip) 9 sec.
Positioning accuracy
Positioning accuracy ±0.001mm
XYZ axis, B axis (1° spec.) ±2sec.
XYZ axis, B axis (0.001°spec.) ±3sec.
1° spec. ±1sec.
0.001°spec. ±1.5sec.
Machine weight
Machine weight 18000kg

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