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Working Range
Table longitudinal travel (X axis) 500mm (19.7″)
Saddle table transversal travel ( Y axis) 300mm (11.8″)
Quill vertical travel (Z axis) 100mm (3.9″)
Cross rail vertical travel (W axis) 300mm (11.8″)
Table top to wheel collet 370mm (14.6″)
Spindle center to column neck (from table top to 330mm (13.0")

-470 ~ +530 mm (-18.5″ ~ +20.86″)

Work Table
Work surface 700 x 350 mm ( 27.6″ x 13.8″) 700 x 290 mm ( 27.6″ x 11.4″) with guard
Nos. of T slots 7 on 50mm (1.97″) pitch 10mm (0.39) width
Permissible load table 300 kg (660 lb.)

Main spindle speed (planetary motion) 5 – 500 rpm Radial adjustment of planetary motion (Fine Adjustment) 0 -4mm (00.157″) diameter

Spindle Head
Spindle head vertical movement 600mm/min (23.6″ ipm) at 60Hz
Spindle quill vertical travel 100mm (3.9″)
Chopping stroke 95mm (3.7″) max
Oscillating speed/25mm (1″) 200 cycle/min (1″ stroke)
Rapid Speed (controlled by CNC) 3,000mm / min. (118 ipm)
Continuous feed rate (controlled by CNC) 0.1 ~ 13,000mm/min (0.01~512 ipm)
Automatic stroke setting for reciprocation motion 10 different sets can be stored by MDI. Unlimited no.can be used
Grinding Heads
High frequency electric motor and air turbine  
for Low speed grinding head 0.75kw (1 HP, STD) 9,000-45,000 rpm
for High speed head 0.28kw (0.4HP,Option.) 18,000-90,000 rpm
for Heavy Duty rinding head 0.75kw (1 HP) 4,500 ~ 22,500 rpm
Air turbine (option) for high speed head Max. 175,000 rpm
X,Y,Z Axes
Rapid feed (X , Y) 2000mm/min (78.7 ipm)
Rapid feed (Z) 3000mm/min (118 ipm)
Interpolation feed (X&Y) 0.1 ~ 2000mm ( 0.004 ~ 78.7ipm)
Interpolation feed (Z) 0.1 ~ 13,000mm ( 0.004 ~ 512 ipm)
Rapid feed (C) 2,600 deg/min.(7.2 RPM)
Fine feed (C) 0.1 – 2,600 deg/min.
Automatic Wheel Outfeed (U-Axis)
Wheel outfeed range (on diameter) 4mm (0.16″)
Wheel outfeed increment (on diameter) 0.001 ~ 4.0mm (0.00004 ~ 0.157″)
Pre-set data storage 10 sets
Numbers of cycle / increment 1 – 99
Sparkout cycle 1 – 99
Automatic wheel outfeed data memory 10 sets of stored data can be selected by T call
Minimum graduation of wheel outfeed 0.0025mm (0.0001″) on dia. each data set can be changed in the program
Grinding Capacity
Largest hole ground without adapter 0.5 ~ 100mm dia. (0.02 ~ 3.9″)
Largest hole ground with adapter 3100mm dia.(12.2″)
Smallest hole ground 0.5mm dia.(0.02″)
Taper grinding angle(Standard taper/reverse taper) 0 – 3 deg. included angle over full travel of quill
Position Detector
X,Y,Z Axes Ultra precision linear glass scale
C-Axis Pulse coder
Minimum Programmable Resolution
X, Y, Z Axes 0.0001mm (0.00001″)
C Axis 0.001 degree
Position Accuracy
X, Y, Z Axes +/- 0.0007mm (0.000028″)
C Axis +/- 25 arc seconds
X, Y, Z Axes +/- 0.0003mm (0.000012″)
C Axis +/- 7 arc seconds
Electric Requirements

AC 200/220VAC 3 phase, 30 amp, 11KVA 45 amp, 17KVA if equipped with heavy duty grinding head option

Compressed Air
Air pressure 6 kg/cm2 (0.59Mpa) or more (90psi)
Max. air consumption 300NL/min (11 cfm)
Machine Dimensions
Length x Width x Height (max.height) 3,700 x 2,650 x 2,455mm (2,755mm max) (150″ x 104″ x 97″) (108.5″ max height)
Height from floor to table top 900 mm (35.4″)
Net weight 3,200 kg (7,000 lb.)
Floor Space
Length 4020mm (13′)
Width 900 mm (35.4″)
Net weight 3,260mm (10.7′)

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