Mikroturn® 3rd Generation

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The Mikroturn® 3rd Generation is a further development of the existing Mikroturn® 100 with a new and modern design. This new generation Mikroturn® has also been further improved in the field of thermal stability, machine stiffness and accuracy when compared to older models. In addition, by applying the latest generation of pumps and motors, noise levels have been reduced by more than 70%.

The machine is suitable for hard turning small to medium sized workpieces up to Ø 380 mm or Ø 200×350 mm between centers. Form and dimensional accuracies of ≤ 2 micron and surface roughness Ra of 0.1 to 0.4 micron in workpieces with hardness of up to 70 HRC are indicative for the achievable accuracies. And thanks to the wear free, hydrostatic bearing system this machining accuracy is maintained even after decades of use.

Pneumatic precision chucks
Electro-Permanent-Magnetic chucks
8/12 position tool turret VDI system with driven or non-driven tooling
Part probing and tool presetting systems
Hydraulic tailstock with precision center
Air conditioner in electric cabinet
Water chilled electric cabinet and hydraulics
Max. turning diameter 450 mm
Max. part diameter between centers ø 200 mm x 350 mm
Extended Z-stroke(450 mm)
Extended turning diameter to 450 mm

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Max. turning diameter (mm) 380
Max. workpiece weight incl. chuck (kg) 100
Max. spindle speed (rpm) 4000
Z(/W) axis travel (mm) 350
X(/U) axis travel (mm) 240
Rapid travers rate (m/min) 10
Slide repeatability (µm) 0.1
Position accuracy (µm) 1
CNC-Resolution (µm) 0.001

Key features Mikroturn® 3rd Generation

  • Rigid natural granite machine base with an integrated system of vibration dampers
  • Headstock housing of natural granite for improved static and dynamic stiffness and thermal stability
  • Hydrostatic, high speed linear driven X- and Z-slide with a ± 0.1 µm repeatability
  • Sealed type direct linear slide measuring system -Hydrostatic main spindle with a 0.1 µm run-out.
  • External hydraulic service unit.
  • Heat and vibration generating elements are fully isolated from the machine
  • Siemens 840D control with a 0.001 micron resolution
  • Go to the machine construction page to learn more about the construction of the Mikroturn machine series.

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