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This machine is a CNC controlled high accuracy Lead Screw Measuring Machine with a Fanuc 30i Series CNC Control. It can respond to measuring operations of various configuration of threads. The machine is supplied, wired and ready for operation on 3 phase, 220VAC, 60Hz.

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CNC Control

Fanuc 30i Series CNC Spindle rotation X Axis Saddle Travel Y Axis


Maximum thread length to be measured 1500 mm Distance between centers 1800 mm Maximum thread outer diameter to be measured 70 mm Maximum nut outer diameter to be measured 150 mm Maximum lead to be measured 24 mm Minimum lead to be measured 2 mm (In case of outer dia. Ø 200 mm of wheel)


Spindle hole diameterØ 65; 500 mm from end Spindle RPM for lead measuring 10-40 RPM Spindle RPM for drunkenness measurement 0.1 – 10 RPM


Max travel 1600 mm Measuring feeler floating range ± 10 mm front, back, left, right Height from floating range 1000 mm Machining height 1500 mm

Machine dimensions

Floor space 5500 mm x 2010 mm Machine weight 3500 kgf

  • Spindle neutral positioning deviceDriving equipment for spindle (NC control 2 Axis)
  • MDI and CRT displayRotary encoder for spindle rotating signal (for measurement of lead & drunkenness)
  • Manual tailstock with air floatingSaddle base for measurement
  • Three plane mirrorFeeler 3 pairs
  • Measuring error detecting on lead measurement
  • Automatic lubrication unitLaser measurement equipment
  • Personal computerPrinterRecording paper for above (1 roll)
  • Graphic plotterRecording paper for above A3,
  • A4 size (50 sheets each)
  • Pen for above (0.3 mm ten color, each 1 piece, 0.7 mm black color 5 pieces)
  • Sleeve for center (spindle)
  • Center for spindle, tailstock
  • Work driverSetting bolt, washers
  • Bridge type base for measurement of level on
  • V-F slide way
  • Check model gauge
  • Operation manual (2 sets)
  • Inspection report (2 sets)

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