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Machine Specifications


X axis traverse
(Table longitudinal movement)
Y axis traverse
(Spindle head horizontal movement)
Z axis traverse
(Spindle head vertical movement)
Column front from spindle center 390mm
Table surface from spindle gauge line 350~850mm
Distance between the column 1740mm


Size of table 1,250 × 2,000mm
Max. permissible load on table 3,000kg
Table surface pattern (9) x 18mm wide T slot
125mm pitch
Table surface height from floor 1,000mm


Mechanism Built-in
Spindle speed 10,000min-1
Output characteristics AC30/25kW (30min/Cont.
Torque characteristics Max.262Nm(15min) / 191Nm(cont.)
Spindle taper 7/24 taper 50T Big Plus
Spindle tool clamp force 2,500kg
Lubrication method Oil & air lubrication
Cooling method Coolant circulation through oil jacket
Spindle chiller unit (Method) Temperature kept to machine temperature


Rapid feed (X axis) 18,000mm/min
Rapid feed (Y axis) 18,000mm/min
Rapid feed (Z axis) 12,000mm/min
Cutting feed (X, Y, Z axis) 1 ~ 5,000mm/min
Minimum command resolution (X, Y, Z axis) 0.0001mm
Minimum movement resolution (X, Y, Z axis) 0.0001mm


Automatic tool changer (ATC)
Tool shank 50T(JIS6339)
Option: CAT50
Tool storage capacity 60 tools (Separate type)
Option: 90 tools (Separate type)
Option: 120 tools (Separate type)
Maximum tool diameter (with adjacent tool) 125mm
Maximum tool diameter (wo/ adjacent tool) 210mm
Maximum tool length 350mm
Maximum tool weight 20kg
Maximum tool moment 24Nm(2.45kgm)


Power sources
Electricity (Voltage) AC200/220V,50/60Hz
Electricity (Power consumption) 60KVA
Option: With high pressure unit +8.5KVA
Air (Pressure) 0.58Mpa and over of clean air
Air (Flow rate) 1.4m3/min and over


Height 4,700mm
Width 5,940mm
Depth (Standard) 7,480mm
Weight (ATC 60 tools) 29,500kg


Positioning (X, Y, Z axis) ±0.001mm
Repeatability (X, Y, Z axis) ±0.001mm
Geometric Refer to test certificate


Feedback (X,Y and Z) Glass scales (HEIDENHAIN)


Enclosure Cover
Splash guard Enclosure cover (For high pressure coolant, with sliding roof manually adjustable at 3 positions and operator door with LS interlock)


Electric and Lighting
NC Unit FANUC 31iM-B5
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